The Game Awards Offers List Of Presenters For Tonight’s Show

Posted on December 10, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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This year’s Game Awards is just less than a day away now as the show is set to go live at the start of tonight this Thursday. With awards to be given, music to be played, and announcement to be made, many viewers are anticipating this year’s show to live up or to even exceed the execution of 2019’s event. But one staple that makes each year more memorable are the speeches and conversations made by those who present throughout the course of the show.

While 2020’s Game Awards show is scheduled to take place strictly online with no live audience to watch, Geoff Keighley and the organizers for the presentation did not sacrifice any namely attributes due to this obstacle. Instead, this year’s show is anticipated to be even more exciting as The Game Awards is receiving the most high-profile list of presenters yet.

Throughout the course of the past week or so, the show’s official Twitter account uploaded several images introducing new and even some returning faces to present for this year. Now, there is a list which you can read in the list below:

Among many interesting picks like ESPN Commentator Stephen A. Smith, faces such as Reggie Fils-Aime will be making an appearance once again. Last year, Fils-Aime presented for the show just months following his departure from Nintendo of America as its standing President. Now once again, Fils-Aime will be on stage to discuss nominee winners and hopefully another insightful speech on the industry.

While covering the plenty for presenters, it does not feature all those involved. In actuality, Sydney Goodman will be returning to present for this year once again alongside The Muppets’ Swedish Chef. The most latest addition is revealed to be Cobra Kai’s Ralph Macchio and Yuji Okumoto are both to present as well.

While not at the main show, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer will be attending a pre-show discussion accompanied by Geoff Keighley, EA CEO Laura Miele, and AMD CEO Lisa Su. Atop of the Xbox division lead being present to some capacity, the firm is anticipated to make an announcement of sorts coming tonight’s show following a tweet made earlier in the week. You can read the full report by heading here.

The Game Awards is set to go live on December 10, 2020 at 7 PM EST / 4 PM PST.

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