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The Key Gaming Release Dates Of 2021

Posted on February 8, 2021 by Guest Post

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In their infancy video games were viewed as a fad that will surely pass in coming years. The game industry crash of the early 1980s gave those voices even more legitimacy. But they could not foresee the impact that the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) would have on the industry when it launched in 1984. Nintendo was hailed as a savior and people rejoiced by walking Mario through every castle in search of his lost princess.

After a bumpy start in the ’80s, the industry saw a huge rise in the coming decade. The tech behind video games was growing at an exponential rate and thus the console wars had begun. Nintendo and Sega were in fervent competition throughout the ’90s until finally, Sega called it quits and stopped making consoles.

The downfall of Sega created ample opportunity for Sony and Microsoft to swoop in with their own consoles which are to this day dominating the market. Nowadays with hundreds of millions of consoles and PC’s sold, video games are definitely here to stay.

The Anticipation

Today, big video game titles have enormous budgets. An AAA title (the best of the best) can cost hundreds of millions over many years of development. The wait makes people increasingly excited for the launch of the game.

This concept is known as hype. Any video game developer will tell you that hype is at the same time a blessing and a curse.

It is a blessing because true fans will generally pre-order the game before it even comes close to launching. This offers more financial stability to the developers and also gives them confidence. After all, what’s not to like about people being excited by the work you create?

Well, for starters, hype can quickly transform itself into the aforementioned curse. Sometimes big projects will need more time in the oven before they are completed, leading to outcries over the internet from disgruntled fans.

Hype will also create false expectations. There have been recent titles that were so over-hyped that in spite of the final product quality, fans still lashed out at the developers. How dare they not create the perfect and immaculate game that we all envisioned in our imagination?

All of this can put a lot of pressure on developers and will sometimes create strife and turmoil within the studio. But the fans are not entirely at fault either because marketing campaigns will generally help in creating false expectations.

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Big titles of 2021

Without further ado, here the main titles expected to make it big this year:

  • Little Nightmares 2 – A sequel to the horror puzzle platformers that placed you in the shoes of a small child trapped in a mysterious and violent world. Take the lead again in the quest to escape your fate.
  • Outriders – This is a looter shooter that has some promising features. Fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world filled with Sci-Fi elements.
  • Resident Evil 8: Village – The Resident Evil series has taken a turn for the better since the last iteration. Take control of Ethan again and try to figure out the mysteries of this new setting.
  • Back 4 Blood – Left 4 Dead is back, baby! And it has a brand new name. Grab three of your best friends and prepare for another co-op zombie romp that will leave you wanting more.
  • Deathloop – What if we combined a third-person assassin game with a Groundhog Day-inspired loop mechanic, you would get whatever Deathloop will end up being. Keep an eye out for this one since it promises some very interesting gameplay mechanics.

The Gambling Boom

While the video game boom happened a long time ago, the online gambling industry boom is still in full swing. More and more online casinos are popping up everywhere with hundreds of available casino games at the touch of a “button”.

Developers of these types of games have been taking notes from their video game counterparts, especially when it comes to settings and characters. Why play a normal-looking slot machine when you could play one where Greek gods shoot lightning bolts at the screen every time you win.

And if computers are not your thing, maybe you would prefer swiping instead of clicking. All of your favorite types of games can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your smartphone. Whether it is classic games (Poker/Blackjack/Baccarat) or slot machines, mobile apps have got you covered.

Gamble whenever you want, from whatever location you desire. It is exactly this aspect that has increased revenues immensely for the online casino industry. People are more willing to spin those reels from their comfy couches than ever before and mobile devices are helping them every step of the way.

Market estimates show that the online gambling industry was worth $44 billion in 2019 and it is forecasted to hit somewhere close to $66 billion in 2025. The number of online casinos is also steadily growing, currently sitting at around 2800 different companies.

The switch to smartphones has also impacted regular video games. There are literally hundreds of new titles available every month and the figurative tidal wave of games does not show any signs of stopping.

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Whether you are into regular video games or games of chance, there is a game out there for every type of player. Even if you prefer the classic experience of a regular casino, you cannot deny that the proposition of being able to spin your favorite reels while sitting at home is appealing. Why travel when the best casino experience is at your fingertips?

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