The Last Guardian’s genDesign Teases New Project In 2021 Greeting Card

Posted on January 6, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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When in regards to developer gen Design, the game development studio is held to a higher standard for being most recognized for its 2005 release, Shadow of the Colossus. Even more, the developer is rightly recognized for the scale of its projects and the storytelling within the worlds that the Japanese team conjures. The same can also be said for the follow-up release, The Last Guardian.

Although the release is received to be missing the mark to its predecessor, devoted fans for gen Design are grateful for a second game after waiting more than a decade. But looking ahead, the developer is surely underway with a new title after four years since its last project in 2016. However, determining what that might be is currently difficult to decipher.

But thankfully, gen Design does offer fans a brief glimpse at the new property following the transition to 2021. In its annual greeting card, the firm does illustrate on instance for the unnamed title. Looking in the “1” of the image, it is evident that what this new pursuit might be for gen Design will follow closely in terms for atmosphere alike previous projects.

One thing worth noting is that whatever this new game might be, it is surly being published by Epic Games. The Fortnite firm announced to be funding upcoming projects for The Last Guardian team alongside Remedy Entertainment and Playdead. While development is presumed to be on a straight course for almost a handful of years, gen Design secured more funding through Epic Games to confidently conclude development leading forward.

To reiterate, it is pretty enigmatic to uncover what exactly is coming out of gen Design for its next release. The most sufficient piece of information comes form the firm following an interview that was made prior which issues an image to drive suspicions. At the time, director Fumito Ueda told Famitsu the team was working on core components for the basis of the project. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are you hoping to learn on gen Design’s next game?

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