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The Lego Movie Video Game Xbox One Bundle Announced

Posted on September 30, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Today’s announcement for the next Xbox One bundle is pretty weak in the grand scheme of things. Although The Lego Movie video game is a decent game and fun, it’s over a year old and takes away from a number of other games that could be included. In today’s post by Major Nelson, he revealed the bundle will come with the standard 500GB black console, headset and the game of course. On the upside, it will only cost you $349 opposed to the first two this week which came in at $399.

The game should take you about 30-40 hours total if you complete all the bricks as the movie isn’t that long and the game is based on it. You will have nearly 100 characters, which is about half of the standard Lego game nowadays, and be able to visit all the worlds in the film’s world. It’s worth a play if you haven’t played it yet, but if you’re waiting for a good bundle to pick up the Xbox One, I’d wait for another one and maybe download the game once it’s on sale.

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