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The Megalodon Easter Egg is in Battlefield 1 as well, here's how you unlock it

After finally being uncovered in Battlefield 4, the Megalodon easter egg has also now been found in Battlefield 1. Youtuber DannyonPC details how to exactly uncover it in his video below, and it includes a few brief steps to trigger.
First, you’ll need to be on the map Fort de Vaux and turn all three red valves at the same time. This will cause a hole to fill up with water in the center of the map. In the main, large corridor then destroy the pile of boxes and throw a grenade down the hole that the boxes were covering. Three players will need to stand in the water filled hole and be killed by melee in order to create enough blood to draw out the shark. Once this is done, simply sit back and enjoy.
You can see it in action below. Let us know what you think.

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