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Posted on March 13, 2021 by Guest Post

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The mobile gaming industry in 2021 is an active, bustling market sector. Game genres are becoming more and more diverse, catering to an equally diverse global gaming community. At present, the mobile gaming market is a hundred billion dollar industry, driven by major hubs such as the US and China. Here are some of the latest trends:

Tabletop is Going Mobile

More and more games are developing a user-friendly mobile version and casinos are no exception. Brick and mortar casinos, while retaining a special vintage flair, are becoming increasingly replaced by their mobile counterparts. With more and more casinos switching to mobile, you can simply enjoy a game of blackjack, baccarat, bingo or play online pokies here, from the comfort of your own home with the winnings being transferred directly to your bank account.

For the non-gambler fans, there are tons of tabletop games that they can find online, from witty Scrabble-type games to Pool Tournaments and strategy games. And speaking of childhood memories, maybe it is time to get revenge on that time you landed on Boardwalk, this time on a new and improved animated version of Monopoly.

VR Gaming on the Rise

What better way to fight off the lockdown blues than escaping into the virtual realm? 2021 gaming doesn’t involve a keyboard and controller anymore. Now it needs a full set of VR gear including headsets, hand controllers, sensor-equipped gloves and other gadgets to give the player a truly immersive, first-person perspective of the action.

VR games can be played individually or in multiplayer mode, placing the player in a physically challenging environment with various levels of difficulty. Combat scenarios are top sellers, but many players prefer racing, acrobat flying, or solving puzzles in exotic settings.

Block-chain Based Games Are the Way of the Future

This is a real game-changer. Blockchain emphasizes decentralization and freedom, allowing gamers to harness the capabilities of some of their favorite games. So far, the communities formed around these games seem to be more tightly knit than you might expect on a Rust or Fortnite server. The transactions in blockchain gaming resemble charging an admittance fee so that other players could join your personally built environment.

In short, the game is essentially owned by the players, not the company and you can convert incoming funds into cryptocurrency. On the other hand, players visiting your set-up can receive cryptocurrency for completing the challenges you prepared for them. Ubisoft’s Hash is a prime example.

Hyper Casual Games Are Keeping It Simple

Easy-to-play and usually free, HCGs also feature very minimalistic user interfaces. Piggybacking the statistics (a study found that the majority of players are women aged between 18 and 34 in the US and 25 to 44 in South Korea), game developers such as Kwalee and Ketchapp have marketed their products towards women with games such as Go Fish or Bake It. They are easy to download, require minimal tutorial and have a pleasing interface and sound library.

Since 2017, these games have increased in popularity and now generate $2.5 billion in annual revenue.

Cloud Gaming and Competitive Multiplayer Games

Also known as gaming on-demand or gaming-as-a-service, cloud gaming allows players to access a game remotely in the cloud rather than from their own device. What you will need is a secure internet connection of around 15 Mb per second (xCloud, for example, requires at least 10 Mbps), and it is predicted that casual gamers and smartphone users will make up the major segment for this market in the near future.

PUBG Mobile has dominated the market in 2020 with over ten million downloads and almost 1 million user reviews. Its simple, effective controls, quality graphics and in-media-res narrative (100 people skydive on an island and battle it out until only one is left standing) proved to be a winning combination and led to numerous copycats.

Cross-Platform Play Brings More Players Together

Up until recently, conflicting platforms were a real issue, keeping many players away from the fun. However, more and more mobile game developers are working around the clock to create “digital bridges” across the platform islands, aiming for a win-win situation.

iOS and Android players can now play against each other and even log in to another device with the same account to carry on where they left off.

Looking Ahead

Remember that if Cowboy Bebop is to be believed, 2021 should turn out to be a very interesting year. But while we wait, I think another tour of the App Store is in order.

While the US and China are competing for commercial dominance, gamers are the ones coming out victorious, enjoying the latest developments from both sides of the ocean. Keeping a lookout for releases from Genshin Impact (China) or adopting 5G for a better and faster experience are just a few tips that hardcore gamers can provide us for the upcoming season.

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