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The Outer Worlds Day One Patch Revealed To Be Double On Xbox One Over PlayStation 4

Touching on the recent announcement that publisher Private Division disclosed on 4K support for The Outer Worlds this week, it was also shared just today that fans scheduling to play the game on console will be greeted with a decent sized Day One patch for the game as well. Actually, it depends on your system of choice as stated from Obsidian’s latest forum post.

According to a blog post by Social Media Manager Shyla, players on Xbox One are said to face a Day One patch twice the size in contrast to the one on PlayStation 4.

Expect a title update on launch day for those who purchase physical copies of both Xbox and PS4 that will include tweaks and optimization fixes. This patch will be an estimated 38 GB download for Xbox players, and an estimated 18 GB for PS4 players.

The patch is said to be applied to those deciding on picking up the physical version of the game for either platform. For fans choosing the digital route for The Outer Worlds, it’s shared that the patch will be included for those who pre-load the game in advance for the game’s launch next week. So on top of the title’s base space requirement, Day One patch, and if deciding to update the visuals to 4K will be very taxing on those with minimal space on their unit.

Looking at the remainder of the post, the time zone release times have been posted as well. Sharing that the PC version of the game will drop on October 24 at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST and 1 AM CEST on October 25. Console owners can expect the game to drop at 9 PM PST on October 24 and on October 25 at 12:00 AM EST / CEST.

The Outer Worlds will launches on October 25, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Obsidian Forum


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