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The Rectify Stream Team raised $5,000 for the kids in 2019

Posted on November 5, 2019 by Tyler Nienburg

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The year of 2019 has been a good one for the stream team here at Rectify as we have finished only our 3rd charity event of the year. In total the Rectify Stream Team have raised $5,014 through roughly 68 hours of stream time with the first one being 36 hours, second being about 8 hours on Mixer and the latest one on Extra Life Game Day at 24 hours.

This years Game Day had its challenges with the Extra Life website being DDoSed on the biggest day of the year raising money for the kids. That didn’t stop us and the many other organizations that were helping the kids.

The streamers involved with this event were the following: ItsOGPickle, VikingPrincess, Raaandy, Hockles, AutumnMae, SeaDubbers, Zexis, Doug, AmericanGrizz, and Gtuck. We also can’t thank the community enough for donating to a great cause!

You can view our official Extra Life page here.

Through the 4 years we have done this event the Rectify team has raised a total of $8,125.78 for childrens hospitals. There’s no question that 2019 was our best year yet doing this event and we can’t wait to do more in the near future with our stream teams!

Stay tuned for more community events here at Rectify Gaming. We have more news coming soon.


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