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The Revealed Analogue 3D Is ‘A Reimaging Of The N64’

Posted on October 17, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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When entertaining the idea of preservation, current platform holders look to bring beloved releases of prior eras to its family of consoles. For the sake of Xbox, the firm that offers the most support on this behalf, boss Phil Spencer shares desire to pursue this with a widespread, legal route on the platform. However, its legacy Xbox 360 & original Xbox is out of the question thanks to the DRM for titles requiring an online connection to emulate.

But, when it comes to legacy cartridges, Analogue has offered a blanket alternative for mobile devices. From the Game Boy to the Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Atari Lynx, the Analogue Pocket has become a flattering approach for older handhelds to be preserved. Similarly, the same company is now in the works to offer ‘a reimagining’ for the classic N64 as well with a new product.

Announcing the Analogue 3D, the firm is to offer the same amount of detail the Analogue Pocket did for portable handhelds. Even more, it is an original device that can translate to modern displays without any need of modding and does not require any form of emulation as all native N64 cartridges will be compatible with the Analogue 3D.

“Wireless Bluetooth and 2.4g. 4 original-style controller ports. Completely engineered in FPGA. Analogue OS. No emulation,” Analogue writes describing the Analogue 3D. “A reimagining of the N64. 4K resolution. Original Display Modes. Reference quality recreations of specific model CRT’s and PVM’s. The first and only aftermarket solution supporting 100% compatibility in every region. USA, EU & JP.”

While not entirely expressive on what other features are to come with the Analogue 3D when it officially launches, it is understood that Analogue is to offer extensive features to truly flesh out the new device. Most importantly is that this new system enables users to relive the cartridges they currently own without the need to tamper with original hardware or approach pirating games that are no longer supported.

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The Analogue 3D launches sometime in 2024.

Source: Analogue

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