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The Shadow Costume is coming to Sonic Superstars

Posted on February 1, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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This year may as well be the year of Shadow The Hedgehog as SEGA announced Sonic X Shadow Generations releasing Fall 2024 and the Sonic 3 film will be featuring him this December. On top of the game announcement, SEGA did announce there will be a free costume coming to Sonic Superstars.

The Shadow Costume for Sonic will arrive in Sonic Superstars on February 15, 2024, across all supported platforms. The costume will be free for all players of Superstars and can be equipped when playing in Story Mode.

In our review for Sonic Superstars, we share that it is a fantastic addition to the Sonic franchise, offering a fresh and visually stunning take on the classic 2D high-speed action platforming. We scored the game an 8 out of 10.

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