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The Simpsons: Hit and Run Official Soundtrack is now available on Spotify & Apple Music

Posted on January 22, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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The Simpsons: Hit and Run, one of the hottest titles from 2003 that released on the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 and the Original Xbox has fans talking again. The games official soundtrack has been made available on Spotify & Apple Music making many hopeful of a revive coming in the near future.

Vivendi Games who developed this game has been merged with Activision since 2008, so the only hope of a Simpsons Hit & Run Remaster/Remake happening would be from them. With Microsoft potentially acquiring the company we would have to rely on Xbox Game Studios to make this a reality.

The soundtrack being made available on these popular platforms could mean nothing, but we all can dream of the day where we can play this great Simpsons game either through a remaster or available with Xbox Game Pass through backward compatibility.


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