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The software which makes your favourite games tick

Posted on February 15, 2021 by Guest Post

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Throughout the past decade, gaming technology has developed significantly. 2011 saw the time-consuming download and install of games onto hardware, and the trading of games in the likes of CEX so that players could get their hands on the latest gaming disks for a cheaper price. However today, it’s all about the cloud.

One aspect of gaming technology that has improved the most though is online gaming software. As the foundations of the best online games out there, having good software can make or break the success of an online casino provider. Using the best software can distinguish online providers from competitors and build up a dedicated customer base that are loyal.

But what defines good gaming software, and who’s using it? Let’s take a look…

How has gaming software advanced?

The future of gaming technology is all about making things easy, fast and convenient to access. It’s also about being able to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. In recent years, gaming advancements have sprung into action. Let’s take a look at what tricks have been coming out of the developers hat lately.

On-Demand Gaming

Live streaming platforms have already taken households by storm when it comes to movies. From amazon Prime, to Netflix, Hula or Disney Plus, there are now a range of big names competing for the big screen. And now the gaming industry is also jumping on board.

While gaming used to mean large downloads and frequent updates, gaming is not taking a similar path to movies with a whole library of games being available on demand. Some of the most popular providers currently include Origin and Google Stadia.

Wearable Gaming

While the likes of Nintendo first introduced the idea of gaming as an extension of the body with Wii Fit and similar games, wearable gaming has taken the experience to a whole new level. We’ve seen smart watches, glasses and trainers become popular in the fitness world, but now gaming is getting in on the hype.

Look out for brand new gaming experiences that incorporate wearable technologies coming up.

Virtual Reality

Man Wearing White Virtual Reality Goggles Virtual Reality headsets have probably been one of the most successful tools in bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. There’s nothing worse than emerging yourself in a game, only for a host of distractions to bring you out of the zone. Virtual Reality takes the game to the next level by allowing players to transcend into the world of the game.

What software is being used?

With there being so many online gaming providers now, it’s essential to be able to stand out from the crowd. Gaming software is the building blocks for this success, in which without the right building blocks behind a game, there just won’t be the footfall.

Some of the most popular software currently includes –


Quest is a basic, in-browser game creation software that’s script based. This means that while you can’t really build impressive graphics in this programme, it’s all about creating an intriguing storyline.

This software is great for beginners as it allows you to start with the basics, eliminate overwhelming elements of game design and focus on what your game is really about. One this part is figured out, it’s easy to create impressive graphics that fit right into the storyboard.

RPG Maker

RPG Maker has a reputation for being the best RPG gaming software on the market. It’s pretty affordable to buy and also comes as a free trial to help you decide if it’s the right gaming software for you.

One of the great things about RPG Maker is that it doesn’t require any coding knowledge and comes with a range of vector images so there’s no need to purchase them separately or invest in a graphic designer.

Casino gaming software

Person Encoding in Laptop When it comes to online casino games, players aren’t only looking for large jackpot prizes and great bonus features. It’s all about the overall experience that the player has. This includes everything from what music is playing, to the quality of the graphics, the themes used in the game and the ease of navigation around the game and the host site.

Online poker platform 888 Poker have recently made great strides in improving their software, while adding to the content on their site. Their Poker 8 software was developed with the intention of creating a better overall gaming platform for users, while their online magazine gives users the opportunity to educate themselves on complex topic, articles like this poker blinds guide really help newer players to get settled in.

Ease of Navigation

A common flaw of online casino websites is that they’re busy. There’s usually a lot of pop-ups, a lot of variety pushed on the front page and an overwhelming amount of click throughs. However, the new software has managed to create a clean and easy to navigate look.

Customisable features in the poker room

Playing at multiple tables? Having the ability to customise the colour of your decks means that you won’t get confused if you’re dipping in and out of different poker rooms. You can also customise the way the table and your profile look too.

Overall, the software is one of the main features that can make or break the success of an online game. Luckily for us, there’s so many great platforms out there.

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