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Rectify Gaming launched on December 17th, 2013 and this was the very first logo for the company. The website first started out on Enjin where we had community events and had a forum for people to go to and talk anything gaming.


Come 2015 there was lots of change coming to the company with a brand new logo design made by former Rectify Graphic Designer, Tyler "TwiztedShotzTV" Thomas and bringing in a new set of staff that we've never had before here which led us to our first media event which was New York Comic Con. Later in 2016 we accomplished more by being eligible for E3 as media for the first time as well as PAX. One of the other great accomplishments we reached was raising just over $1,000 for our first ever Extra Life Charity Stream which lasted 24 hours long.


At the start of 2014 we immediately updated our logo and kept this one involved for a couple more years. In October of 2014 we introduced the Rectify Gaming Podcast for the first time and this was the last couple of months we moved on from Enjin.


In late 2017 we released our re-branding for Rectify Gaming and announced this brand new design of a website. The brand new generation of Rectify includes not only our media outlet now, but we now have our Esports featured better than ever as well as our Podcast on the Entertainment page. There are a lot more projects in the work for Rectify and we hope you continue to follow our journey.



Owner & Founder

Tyler Nienburg

Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013. He has been gaming for over 16 years and it all started on the Nintendo 64 and a little Sega. Once he touched Halo he was never the same. 

Director of Partnership Development

Shaun Baker

Shaun Baker serves as Rectify Gaming & Esports Director of Partnership. Baker oversees partnerships and esports strategies across the entire Rectify portfolio. Baker has more than 10 years of experience as a leader in marketing and oversees an analytics company in Harrisburg, PA; focusing on helping clients harness the power of innovation to produce the best results.

He is an avid gamer with a particular love for first-person shooters and multiplayer online battle arena games. Baker is an active participant in esports, as well as in leadership and community programs.


Director of Development

Blake 'PPA' Jones

Blake will be focusing on the development of our Esport teams within Rectify as we grow and look forward to the future.


Nick Moreno

As you can tell my name's already above this, I've been a part of the Rectify Crew since early 2014. I'm a completionist when it comes to gaming, unlocking achievements is one of my favorite pass times when i'm online. Gaming was always something I've enjoyed since I was young, no matter the genre or age of the game, I still enjoy the effort I put into it.

Editorial Director

Scott Anderson

Scott is a father of three who has managed to find a delicate balance between responsible parent and gaming aficionado, although his wife may disagree at times. His gaming tastes trend towards RPGs and platformers, and he's very proud of his Persona 5 Platinum trophy. If he's not working, parenting or gaming, he's probably listening to Final Fantasy vinyls or watching hockey.

Esports Management

Chris Kinghan

Chris ‘VeNgNc3-‘ Kinghan has forever been reveled in the thrill and enjoyment of gaming. Starting at age 4 he has mostly leaned to the side of PlayStation having an original PS1 all the way up to the current PS4 pro. Currently he is a streamer for Rectify Gaming as well as the Call of Duty eSports manager for Rectify Esports. He loves the competitive scene and hopes to get more involved in the near future and hopes to guide a team to main stage or even a finals or COD champs.

Social Media Manager


Joy has only been into esports for a year and a half, but she's already a seasoned TO in the FGC and well known throughout the Midwest as one of the only active female tournament organizers. After starting out volunteering at small Smash monthlies and regionals, her drive for success and passion for the industry pushed her to branch out to other fighting games and other specialties landing her a spot on the Pro Kompetition production staff

Esports Writer

Harry Clough

I'm a English university student studying philosophy with a passion for video games, in particular strategy games and FPS shooters. My favourite game at the moment is Paladins and I love writing all about metas, LAN events and in depth guides.

Senior PlayStation Content Creator

Daniel Brennan

Senior PlayStation Content Creator at Rectify Gaming, technology fan and gamer. Business: [email protected]


Dave Rodriguez

Hello, my name is Namtox, aka Dave Rodriguez I'm a variety streamer and a reviews writer. I have been in games for over 25 years, and bring the experience from the retro days to help guide me through the craze that is modern video game coverage. I founded NTF Gaming to bring that feeling of playing games with your friends to the masses. Now I write coverage for Rectify Gaming! I cover everything from major blockbuster Triple-A games to small unknown indie games.


Rou Ramos

Rou is currently employed but he's still pursuing his passion for video games through writing. He also has a facebook page that is specialized in Video Games where he expresses his thoughts and comments by writing a game review. Sometimes, he also reviews PC Techs like gaming peripherals and hardware. Rou wants to continue and pursue his passion for Writing especially in Video Games and PC Tech since they help him escape reality for a short time to relax and ponder.

Writer & Editor

Cole Rush

Cole Rush is a very important business man. He is also an avid reader, a writer, and a mediocre musician. He vehemently supports use of the Oxford comma, shamelessly sips Tito’s and cranberry, and frequently listens to Frank Sinatra. Cole is a proud Ravenclaw and Harry Potter superfan. One time he cried because his dad beat his high score in electronic Yahtzee.


Ryan Welch

Ryan is a family man from Northern Utah, who loves PC and console games. When he isn't writing about games, he is most likely playing Lego, Roblox, or Minecraft with his children.

Writer & Editor

Maddie 'The Gamer Girl'

I am Link on Outset Island in the Wind Waker

I am John Marsden arriving in Armadillo in Red dead
I am the Hero wandering around Bowerstone in Fable
I am Maddie, starting my adventures in Gaming.


Sergio Cazares

Gaming since 1986, starting with the arcades and the original Sega Master System (which I no longer own but had fond memories of). I’m now mobile gaming (yes, it’s a thing) with Mortal Kombat X (it’s actually fun) between jobs and other responsibilities.

Halo Content Producer


Hello everyone, my name is Ward, and I write articles that covers news on Halo, Destiny, and occasionally other games for a website called Rectify Gaming.  I not only cover news with articles, but I also cover them through content of videos on Youtube. I have not been active on my channel recently due to being distracted with work, college, and other things that keeps all of us busy on daily basis.  

Minecraft Writer


I am a big Minecraft player. I started in 2014 on the Xbox 360 and have since progressed to the Bedrock Engine of the game. I mainly focus on updating people with Minecraft news that may go unnoticed in the community as well as doing content updates and reviews. I am also a big fan of racing games

Director of Operations

Jeff Stinson

Jeff is a nationally accredited Marketing Professional hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Jeff has spent years in the gaming world, both on the competitive side of things, as well as behind the scenes securing sponsorships and working on team development. Jeff brings his marketing talents to Rectify to broaden the Organizations opportunities for player development, new sponsorships, and overall talent scouting, along with growing Rectify in the online community through marketing and community growth.

Director of Talent


Starrshine focuses on growing the Rectify Twitch Team and helping bring on more talent across the Rectify brand.

Rectify Gaming Management

Scotty Jim

From Scotland and been gaming since the days of tapes with 10 minute loading times.
Wether it's gaming or life I will always strive to reach the next level,

"No Gods or Kings, Only Man,"
Andrew Ryan- Bioshock


Gregory Dawes

I began to truly get into gaming back in the Nintendo 64 days with games like Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, and of course Super Smash Bros. Over the years, my love and passion of gaming increased and I expanded the horizons into other consoles, most notably the Xbox, where my love for Halo was born. Halo is my favorite game franchise out there, not only for the game, but for the amazing community it has. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or XBL whenever!

Writer & Editor

Adam Ferrero

Adam Ferrero is a 34 year-old born and raised gamer. In addition to writing for Rectify Gaming for 3 years, he is a Systems Administrator and Project Management Professional, has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. He plays on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U, and his favorite types of games are strong narratives like The Last of Us and Mass Effect.

Esports Management

Tyler Winter

Draenen is an esports connoisseur. Having been actively engaged in competitive gaming for years, he now observes and analyzes games and their competitions, and the esports market itself. In his spare time, he streams and plays games, and if he has any extra spare time, he may decide to do his university work.

NX Gamer

Michael Thompson

I have been tinkering with electricity, circuits and software for as long as I can remember. I started writing code from around 10 on the C64, POKE was a big part of my childhood in many ways. Playing on games was always a passion, with my need to understand them even greater. Writing code, creating graphics and even buying a Net Yaroze in the day with dreams of full Playstation glory. I have worked as a fully qualified Cisco certified network engineer and then software engineer for the past 20 years nearly and nothing has dulled my passion for technology, software and all things binary.


Daniel Hartshorn

I’m Dan,  Founder and head of Winbackgrounds, You can find me around mixer modding for members of our Stream team or Streaming myself. When streaming you can expect a variety of games from AAA’s, MMO's to Indies, While modding follow the streamers rules and I’m a nice enough guy. I’ll see you in Discord and on Mixer.



Xbox writer & Social Media.

Product Photographer & Graphic Designer

Ben Seymour

Hello, my name is Ben Seymour and I am a graphic designer/photographer with over 5 years of experience. I am currently a graphic design student at Temple University working on my bachelors degree. My primary design skills include Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and photography. I am also working on teaching myself motion design and coding. If you would like to reach out to me, feel free to shoot me a dm on Twitter.



I've never broken a controller, I was just testing out the durability

Super Smash Bros. Content Creator

Colin Ferg

My name is Colin Ferguson, but you can just call me Ferg. Content Creator for everything Super Smash Bros. Grew up a Nintendo fanboy and now I'm a Nintendo fanman.

Content Creator

Josh 'Velika'

Most people online know me as Josh but I also go by the name of Velika. I’ve gamed for most of my life on a variety from FPS to horror games, and even a mix of the two. A lot of my time is now spent studying psychology and biology at school, however when I have some free time you can find me streaming on Twitch or playing games on PS4. To find out when I go live or other things in my life you can follow me on Twitter.



Hello everyone, I’m an avid esports content writer with a passion for any and all things hype. Starting off with Soulcalibur back in the late 90’s, I’m in pursuit of following that passion with my BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment and an AAS in Graphic Design. You can catch me streaming platforming, fighting, and action games as well as delving into tabletops and reading in my off time.

Esports Writer

Pets Torrefranca

Esports Writer for Rectify.

Esports Content Creator

Javier "Gunless2k" Pang

I am a caster and an Esports competitor . I compete mostly in FPS Games in South East Asia , from Blackshot to Sudden Attack and transitioning to Counter Strike , later before going into PUBG . Currently i am still competing in PUBG , but along side that i Cast CSGO matches . With about 5 to 6 years of competing experience , i pick up photography and is a Film Student in a local collage . Gaming have always been a big part of me and thus i play various type of game other then FPS , games like Starcraft2 and League Of Legends . Other then gaming , i also do alot of Korean pop photography and attend alot of concerts . So hit me up on twitter or on any of my socials if you wanna game together .

Video Editor & Manager