The Verge Features First Images For xCloud On iOS Devices

Posted on February 15, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Since this past September, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners – at least those that own an Android-operated device – are able to indulge in over a hundred or so titles via the cloud with in-house xCloud service. Derived from codenamed ‘Project xCloud’, users are enabled to play the titles provided from the service at any moment and anywhere thanks to the cloud-based ecosystem that Microsoft has cultivated.

However, the service only reaches so many people. That being the limited amount of reach to other regions and, of course, the withholding attributes which refrains Microsoft from releasing the service on Apple devices as well. But do not worry, it is officially coming sometime later this spring. Even more, the PC version is also underway for a nearby launch as well.

And speaking of the PC version, The Verge issued first images of xCloud on desktop previously in March 2020. Now roughly a year later, the outlet is back with inaugural screenshots for the iOS version as well. More specifically, the in-browser app is what is being showcased which you can view in the image below:

While through a difference of means in achieving the same outcome, Microsoft is said to be pursuing the full experience through the browser-running app alike you would find natively on other devices. So elements such as continuing recently played games and traversing through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library will be present in this version of xCloud as well.

One thing for certain is the backend for xCloud will not be able to reach 4K resolution like players on Stadia are finding. However, The Verge reports that the current reservoir for xCloud currently runs on the same servers as Xbox One S. So it is only time until that is addressed. For now, the targeted resolution output is left undetermined.

On other ambitions for Microsoft with the use of xCloud leading forward, the Xbox company is aiming to work xCloud-like features for other programs as well. For one, playing demos on PC or even console will not require to download the game – instead, simply stream it via xCloud. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you planning to play xCloud on browser later this year?

xCloud is available now for Android devices.

Source: The Verge

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