The Walking Dead teams up with The Escapists in new crossover

Posted on July 8, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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As funny as this sounds, it actually makes perfect sense. Team 17 has announced that they are working with Skybound Entertainment in developing a crossover game between The Walking Dead and The Escapists. Players will control Rick Grimes (who is the best cop ever btw) who’s in charge of a large group of survivors. Just as in The Escapists, Rick must help the group escape from each area in order to proceed while keeping the most amount of survivors from perishing at the hands….or should I say mouths….of flesh craving zombies.

According to Team17, the game will mirror the comic book’s timeline so the characters you meet will coincide with their reveal and locations in the comic. The game will be revealed on July 10th and 11th upcoming at San Diego Comic Con and if you’re fortunate enough to be in the area you can play an exclusive level with Rick trying to escape from the Harrison Memorial Hospital. Debbie Bestwick, Managing Director of Team 17, stated that “With wll over 600,000 units sold, the award-winning The Escpaists is one of the hit indie titles of 2015. Masterminding your escape from prison is hard enough but hown can we make it harder? Zombies. Remember poor Rick Grimes trying to escape hospital, organize life at a farm or hold up in an abandoned prison? A little bit of awesome 8 bit pixel lovbve later and BOOM! It is great to partner with Skybound and The Walking Dead and we are really excited to escapify the amazing, rich and sinister world of Robert Kirkman”.

The game has been announced only for PC and Xbox One with no price and a TBD 2015 release date so far. How excited are you for this cross over? I have to admit, it sounds pretty cool. Let us know in the comments how you feel.

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