The Xbox Series X Digital Console has been leaked, releases Holiday 2024

Posted on September 19, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Documents from the recent Microsoft v. FTC case have been leaked sharing confidential information about Microsoft’s plans for the future of Xbox all the way from mid-generation refreshes and the next generation in 2028. During the Summer it was reported that Microsoft is looking into making an Xbox Series X Digital Console which would make it disc-less.

That turns out to be true as the Xbox Series X Refresh also known internally as “Brooklin” comes with a brand new look for the most powerful console and it’s all digital. It will deliver 4K Gen9 console gaming with more internal storage, faster Wi-Fi, reduced power, and a more immersive controller.

The New technologies include an All-new southbridge to modernize IO and sustainability efforts. Wi-Fi 6E radio for better throughput, latency, and interference mitigation and 6nm die shrink for improved efficiency. The new Xbox Series X Digital Console will be 2TB and will cost $499.99 USD when it releases Holiday 2024.

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The new Xbox Controller coming along with this Xbox Refresh is known as “Sebile” and it will come with precision haptic feedback, VCA haptics double as speakers, an accelerometer, quieter buttons and thumbstick. There will be seamless pair and switch with new mobile app features. The thumbsticks of this controller are different than what Xbox controllers currently have and have improved longevity.

An Xbox Series S refresh is also planned and that would release in September 2024 with an announcement made in June 2024.

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