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There are no plans for Halo 3 Anniversary at the moment

Posted on November 12, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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November 15th is fast approaching making it 15 years since Halo: Combat Evolved launched and the start of a great franchise. Now fans realize that in 2017 it will be 10 years since Halo 3 launched on the Xbox 360. There has been speculation about a possible Halo 3: Anniversary, some fans want it and some fans could care less.
A fan had taken it to NeoGAF wondering if this 15 year stream 343 has planned coming up will reveal another project coming up. Frank O’connor, who has been working with the Halo franchise for some time now has debunked the possibilities of Halo 3: Anniversary.
“There are no H3 anniversary plans at this time and the diminishing returns would make it a tricky proposition anyway”
At the moment they are working on Halo Wars 2 that is set to launch in February, 2017 and future endeavors.
What are your thoughts? Do we need a Halo 3: Anniversary?

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