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Three New RuneScape Characters Are Now Available In Smite

Posted on October 28, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Smite and Old School RuneScape announced they partnered up again to bring iconic RuneScape legends to the MOBA for the second time. The update already went live on October 24, 2023 and it brought three new skins from Gielinor featuring Sandwich Lady Amaterasu, General Graardor Ymir, and Black Plate Bellona.

Here is more information about each character:

General Graardor Ymir
From the God Wars Dungeon to the Battleground of the Gods, mighty General Graardor is stepping up in his life quest against deities! Couldn’t grind him for the Bandos chestplate in RuneScape? Have your revenge in SMITE fighting General Graardor or playing him with this new Ymir Skin.

Sandwich Lady Amaterasu
Whether you’re more of a Triangle Sandwich or a Stale Baguette player, Ardougne’s Sandwich Lady Bakery will never close its doors on you in SMITE! That’s every RuneScape fan’s dream come true: you can now play from the unique perspective of the generous Sandwich Lady. Kindly offer a selection of free snacks to enemy Gods… and if they don’t pick right you get to bash them mercilessly with your lethal baguette! And no, you do not get to teleport anyone away.

Black Plate Bellona
Why choose between protection and style when you can have both? A valorous warrior in black gold-trimmed armor, Black Plate Bellona is ready to grind her way to glory! She is the free bonus reward granted after purchasing any three RuneScape Skins or cosmetic bundles as of today.

You can purchase the Sandwich Lady and General Graardor on the RuneScape Event page in Smite along with a new cosmetic bundle containing a themed Jump Stamp, a Global Emote, and an Avatar. The three newcomers are also compatible with the famous Skill Capes. 69 capes ranging from the Herblore Cape to the Slayer Cape launched last year and you can use them on the new characters.

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