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Time on Frog Island Jumps into Your Home This Summer

Posted on March 4, 2022 by Michael Boccher

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Puzzle adventure title Time on Frog Island by Merge Games and Half Past Yellow will be releasing this Summer on PC and consoles. Originally developed as Trading Time: A Croak Tale, the developer opted for the name change to better reflect the overall experience of gameplay.

In Time on Frog Island, a sailor is shipwrecked on a strange island after a terrible storm and he awakes to find his boat in ruins. Clutching his precious potted plant, the sea dog goes about trying to fix his boat and find his way home. However, the peculiar frog-like locals don’t speak his language and they aren’t about to give up the items he needs without something in exchange. A spaghetti network of trades will take him all over this strange island as he seeks out materials to fix his boat.

We’ll need to help out the locals, solve puzzles, complete quests and get new items by fishing, farming and more. All of these items will provide different abilities such as running faster or jumping higher. Hey, it’s a frog game, remember!

Time on Frog Island will release digitally and physically this Summer on Xbox Series S/X, PS4/5 and Steam for $29.99. Switch users will need to fork over $34.99, however. Check out some gameplay below.

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