Tiny Troopers Updated On Windows Phone Bringing Exclusive Zombie Mode Not On iOS/Android

Posted on February 14, 2015 by Alan Walsh

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In an email to press this morning, Game Troopers announced that ‘Tiny Troopers’ has been updated with an exclusive zombies mode that can only be found on the Windows Phone counterpart of the game. This new mode is exclusive to Windows and is not available on the iOS or Android counterparts of the game. The studio also confirmed in its email to press that their working really hard on a major update with more new and exclusive content for Windows Phone players. This includes custom suits along with many other features. The studio is taking suggestions for suits on its Facebook page and you can see examples of these below.

You can download Tiny Troopers for Windows Phone by clicking here.

Tiny Troopers recently passed one million downloads and the studio also confirmed three new games in development for the platform. Don’t forget, Tiny Troopers supports Xbox Live meaning you can earn Achievements on the go. Awesome!


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