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Titanfall 2 And Monster Energy Supercross Headlines For PlayStation Plus December 2019

This month’s current lineup of free titles for PlayStation Plus owners is sought to be a rebound of more haunting projects following this year’s Halloween season. One being Red Barrels’ Outlast 2 and Koei Temco’s Nioh which holds as a segue to the upcoming second installment following the release date for the sequel being revealed around the same time.

Now with November practically over already, Sony Interactive Entertainment is ready to push on to December with two new games. Announcing that both Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 and Milestone’s Monster Energy Supercross will be arriving for the new month for all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Titanfall 2 is Respawn’s second title since the developer opening following the titular first installment; you play as Cooper who suddenly is granted his own Titan BT during combat and must go on a journey across the many different landscapes that is painted ahead for you. This sequel can also be viewed as one of the more underappreciated titles of this generation seeing the poorly-timed launch of the game just two weeks after EA & DICE released Battlefield 1 in 2016.

Monster Energy Supercross is the game adaptation of the annual name-sharing event that the energy drink company hosts every year. The game offers a wide range of customization for both your rider and bike to choose from among a range of real tracks that are only available during the yearly motocross competition. For more creative freedom, the game also has a track creator or players to indulge in and craft their own extreme locales if bored of what’s provided.

Both titles will be available to pick up on December 3rd and will be there to download until January 6 the following month. As for November’s free titles, you have until This Tuesday to scoop them up before they go back to regular price.

Are you planning on picking up both titles next month?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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