Titanfall 2 Confirmed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Posted on March 12, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Titanfall founder and CEO Vince Zampella has confirmed Titanfall 2 is in development and it will be released on multiple platforms.

There were always rumors that Titanfall 2 is in the works but Vince Zampella has confirmed it for platforms like PC, Xbox, and PS4.

“I guess EA announced a sequel, so I could play coy and pretend I don’t know anything about it, or… yeah. So we’re working on a sequel. No official name yet, but we’re working on that. That’s the main focus but we’re starting up a second team and doing some smaller stuff too. Small, exploratory, taking it slow! It’ll be multiplatform.”


“I wouldn’t have done it differently,” Zampella said when reflecting upon the original’s multiplayer-only approach. “We set out to do it and it was one of our goals. I mean it obviously prohibits a certain group of people playing the game, and as content creators you want to get into as many peoples’s hands as possible. We put some single-player elements in there though, and tried to mix it up. Maybe we could have mixed things up a bit better because some people blew right by it and didn’t even see it because there was so much action happening around it. It’s tough, because if you hit people over the head with it it becomes intrusive, and there are people who don’t want or care about it. Where does the needle fall? I think it takes a while to figure that out and we haven’t figured it out yet.”

The campaign in the first Titanfall was questionable. We could see something different than just a multiplayer campaign. My guess is that we see this game launched in 2016 since Vince has stated they are taking it slow.

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Source: IGN

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