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Titanfall 2 PC players estimated to be 2% of the total amount of Battlefield 1 PC players

The launch of Titanfall 2 for PC looks like it didn’t go so well as Respawn expected. According to iDigitalTimes, the title’s main-lobby PC user base is/was well under 1,000 active players. A quick look at the game’s official networks page produced similar results. There are about another 1,000 spread across dozens of smaller groups. Each of those groups has its own matchmaking. It’s only been a day so in a week these numbers could go up since Skyrim Special Edition launched on the same day and Battlefield 1 launched a week prior.
Battlefield 1’s current PC audience at the time of writing is about 119,000+ strong. Titanfall 2 currently has about 2 percent of what DICE’s product has already earned. Early indications are that Titanfall 2 will be much more popular on console than what’s happening on Origin. It’s still really early so this could all change fast.
Stay tuned for our Titanfall 2 review.

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