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Toby Fox Announces Scheduled Release For Deltarune Chapter 2 For PC Coming September 17

While the notorious Toby Fox is most notable for the cult-classic story adventure Undertale, he is also conjuring another similar tale currently as well, Deltarune. Back in 2019 was when fans were told that a new experience is on the way for Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 accordingly. However, details on more additions were scarce at the time. It is presumed since we only received ‘Chapter One’ at the time of release.

Despite the lacking context for more content for Deltarune, fans grow excited for when the next addition of the game come. In an update post in 2020, Fox explained that work on Chapter 2 has been slowed after swapping then returning to the proprietary engine for the series. But, the team has added more staffing alongside mapped out as far as Chapter Four for the game.

On Wednesday, Fox’s team on the official Undertale Twitter account posted a brief video which announces Deltarune Chapter Two is set to arrive this Friday. You can watch the clip in the imbedded tweet below:

Over on the official Deltarune website, Chapter Two appears to be another free experience for users to install. However, unlike the debut of Deltarune, the second increment for the game is to only release for PC for the time being. It is suggested with other supported platforms for Chapter One that we will receive more context on ports for Chapter Two at a later date.

Other surprising news from Fox previously surfaces over on Xbox Game Pass. While the game only received support for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch when coming to console, the team in an announcement earlier this year shared that Undertale will hit the service alongside Xbox for the first time ever. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are you most interested to see take place in Deltarune Chapter Two?

Deltarune Chapter Two arrives to PC on September 17, 2021.

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