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Tokyo Game Show 2019: New Trailer Reveals Early 2020 Release For Nioh 2

Right before the turn into the Summer season, developer Team Ninja announced that fans anticipating for the upcoming Nioh 2 will have the chance to submit entry for a selected closed alpha which ran until the first week of June. However, the studio has been quiet with showing off the approaching sequel as plenty of the game is still a mystery for most interested fans.

That was until this year’s annual Tokyo Game Show where Team Ninja released the first trailer which introduced some new areas that players will indulge in through their time with the game when launching in the near future. The demo that was shown off at the Japanese show debuted the ‘The Village of the Cursed Blossoms’, which the developer shares that the new setting along with the majority of the game holds a theme of disparity which is illustrated as you progress through the main story.

Expanding on the new additions that will be inserted into the game’s roster of mythical creatures, Creative Director Tom Lee shares that the choice for Yokai to be selected is a pickier process than one might think. “We meticulously select each creature based on their unique characteristics to properly compliment specific integrations. This approach ultimately ensures a wide range of variation and scope to the action.” Adding on, he clarifies that this will assist in always keeping the challenge in gameplay dynamic when continuing forward.

Speaking on the addition of the saw-like weapon Mezuki, Lee encourage those who play the demo on the show floor to test out their combat skills against the newly included Yokai. Appreciated, Lee as well shares that Yokai when in the Dark Realm are beefed up in skill and versatility in the other dimension.

Even going to the lengths to give a proper introduction of the Sudama, a unique creature to the newly added first segment of the game. Going in detail on the former Yokai incarnations, Lee says these creatures are a ploy to intersect the central plot point of both the story along with initiative for the half-breed, samurai warrior protagonist.

The trailer finalizing the video by displaying that the game is scheduled to release at some point in early 2020. On what region if that being Japan or worldwide is left into question for the time being.

Nioh 2 is listed for PlayStation 4 with a early 2020 launch time-frame.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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