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Tom Holland Said To Play Nathan Drake In Uncharted Movie, Slated To Drop December 2020

Word surrounding the anticipated, yet very silent Uncharted film has been kept to a minimum practically since the project’s announcement dating back nearly a decade ago in 2009. One of the most noteworthy details revolving around the film broke earlier this year as 10 Cloverfield Lane Director Dan Trachtenberg was announced to take the role of directing the PlayStation-adapted film.

Now just this week, it was revealed through a tweet from Game Awards/E3 Coliseum host Geoff Keighley that the previously reported actor Tom Holland will in fact be playing Nathan Drake in the coming film.

Initially, Nathan Fillion was expected to take the lead role of the movie from his similar characteristics to the protagonist voiced by Nolan North. As well as the possibility of seeing Mark Wahlberg take on the role as former Director David O. Russel.

What is also a big surprise on top of the choice to play the film’s protagonist is that Keighley announces that the movie is aimed to drop in little more than a year from now, December 2020. Previous we reported that amid the choice for the new film, that the choice of actor on top of releasing would prolong the movie to release at least a few years more than the end of next year.

This might have to do with the recent involvement of PlayStation Pictures, which just kicked off the division of Sony Interactive Entertainment less than a month ago. Company CEO Tony Vinciquerra coinciding with the announcement of the upcoming Twisted Metal television show also mentioned that the Uncharted film is still underway as taken by the newly founded PlayStation Pictures.

Are you excited to finally see the Uncharted series hit the big screen?


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