Tomb Raider Sequel Starring Alicia Vikander Delayed Indefinitely After Pulled From Its March Box Office Release

Posted on November 3, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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For those that might need a refresher, 2018 was met with the first potential catalyst for a strong line of impactful video game-adapted films. In reference, I’m looking at the Tomb Raider film directed by Roar Uthaug. While the production certainly had some takeaways worth noting, it did, however, grab anticipation for the upsetting lineup of other films derived from video game franchises previously as many viewers did grab a liking to the movie when it shipped.

When glancing over the box office success that the film was met with, it became clear that a follow-up would be organized to take place in the coming future. Most importantly, it would be essential for Alicia Vikander to reprise her role for when the second entry begins filming. Last April, it was reported that Vikander would be returning with the addition of Amy Jump to pen the script for the sequel.

Now in a new report from Deadline, it is told the production is to be halted indefinitely. September last year, the second film was told to be framed for a March 2021 release as relayed by Deadline, however, now the production has been pulled from the timeline altogether as the projects is now left undated for the time being.

According to the IMDB for the film, the status for the film is still marked ‘announced’ as of reporting. And despite there being more than a year since the film’s inception, there is no word if filming has been completed as of yet. It is assumed that the phase of production is close to completion, but that has yet to properly be announced.

Ben Wheatley (Rebecca, High-Rise) is told to be helming the sequel as director. Additionally, Graham King (Bohemian Rhapsody, World War Z, The Town) will be returning to produce the follow-up film as well alongside Elizabeth Cantillon (Concussion, Charlie’s Angels).

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Source: Deadline

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