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Top 3 Games for Sports Lovers

Posted on May 21, 2022 by Guest Post

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Gaming is a wonderful pastime. Players who are looking for something simple will enjoy slots at Bizzo Casino or browser games. But what if you are looking for something more versatile? Then these sports games are a fantastic choice.

Fancy Skiing VR

In Fancy Skiing VR, you ski down a steep slope. Or rather, you rush, because the speed is sometimes frantic. The VR-helmet creates a full sense of presence, the controllers act as ski poles, and tilting your body (and thus your head in the helmet) to the right or to the left allows you to correct the movement.

On the track, there are obstacles: boulders, Christmas trees, snowmen. You have to dodge icicles and jump on natural springboards. Even reindeer run out on the road. They can be charged with a snowball, if you have time. Fancy Skiing VR captures the sense of speed perfectly. It looks simple from the outside, but in reality, only some extreme veteran can overcome such a track.

Many people have a crazy vestibular system the first time they see Fancy Skiing VR. Make sure you have someone behind you because it’s easy to fall on your back.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise

Another active game, but you don’t need a special helmet, the Nintendo Switch is enough. You stand in front of the TV and get into a rhythm game. Exercises have to be performed to the beat of the music. The console basically reads your actions accurately.

Fitness Boxing 2 offers fitness and boxing. Stress in the exercises goes to the arms, torso and legs. Virtual fitness instructor helps you get the hang of it. There are nine of them instead of the six in the first part.

Fitness Boxing 2 will make up an exercise program for weeks ahead, but if you don’t want to plan anything, you can just stretch at your own pleasure.

Kinect Sports Rivals

If your Xbox One and Kinect have been sitting idle for a while, Kinect Sports Rivals can bring them to life. It’s a collection of sports games that you can’t get through sitting on the couch.

The first thing Kinect will do is scan your face. So the avatar in the game will be almost an exact copy of you. Kinect Sports Rivals has six disciplines: rock climbing, jet ski racing, tennis, bowling, shooting and soccer. Only soccer is blatantly saggy. In other cases, the movements are clearly readable.

Pay attention to rock climbing, jet skiing, and tennis. Climbing up is intuitive – you stretch out your arm and grab the nearest ledge. Do not do without difficulties: then blows a strong wind, the AI opponent will grab his leg. Tennis successfully replaces Mario Tennis Aces.

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