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Top 3 PC Games of All Time

Posted on January 19, 2022 by Riley Cashly

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Today, there are hundreds of games released annually, and even the most demanding users can find something special for them. Those who are looking for something simple, should pay attention to slots at the casino PlayAmo, and players looking for more elaborate games need to look at these options.

Heroes 3

The third part of the famous Heroes is their swan song: what happened to the series next was no longer really needed. All the really cool stuff appeared in the first and second parts, and by the third, the game became a perfect turn-based strategy game, where the player, controlling his heroes and their castles, must make sure that the enemy has no heroes or castles left.

However, there is one problem. The third part of Heroes came out in 1999. Of course, it was played avidly for another ten years, but in the end even the most stubborn fans had to admit that even though graphics are not the main thing in games, looking at these clunky pixels is no longer possible. In 2015, Ubisoft finally did what they should have done about five years ago: they released the HD remaster of Heroes.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The end of the nineteenth century, the American outback. A gang led by a serious, mustachioed man named the Dutchman escapes from a chase through a snowy mountain pass. Apparently, the bandits tried to pull off a big robbery, which ended in disaster. Now they have the Pinkerton agents on their tail, and in the neighboring states there is a fantastic reward for their heads. Thus, Red Dead Redemption 2 begins.

Though it may seem that RDR2 is a traditional Rockstar game about charismatic bandits and murderers, in fact it is a story about superfluous people, who can’t find themselves in the rapidly changing world. In a sense, the heroes are not even running away from the law-enforcers, but from civilization in general because they are much closer to the old West – cruel, uncomfortable, but simple and understandable.

Half Life 2

Half-Life 2 successfully combines several genres at once – it’s action, sci-fi, and adventure. Near the middle of the game we are faced with a real Survival Horror, where zombies pounce on us in droves, trying to devour us, and where our only ally is a crazy priest who shoots no better than Clint Eastwood. It’s a game full of dynamism, where we are forced to act all the time, rarely distracted by the conversations of our acquaintances. One minute we’re listening peacefully to old scholar Kleiner’s dialogue, and five minutes later we’re fighting an Alliance force in the city.

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