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Top Gaming Titles To Make Bank Betting on Esports

Up until a few years ago, if a sports fan wanted to make a few bucks here or there betting on the scores and odds of their favorite sporting affairs, they would have to look towards the more mainstream options around like NFL, NBA, MLB, or UFC events. But, with the eruption of Esports, aka competitive video gaming, and all the popularity it has amassed since debuting, the tides have turned, benefiting both sports and gaming fans looking to make some extra money and online betting companies who found in Esports the next best niche to continue growing financially.

Now, while it could be debated that you could bet on almost every single video game around, there will always be a few titles that will hold a special place in all Esports fans’ hearts. Be it that you’re more of a sports-related gaming fan, a fantasy gaming fan, or an adventure-style gaming fan, we bring you our picks for the top games to make bank with while betting on Esports activities.


Given that soccer is the most popular sport in the world and one where fans from all over the world love to bet, it’s only fitting that we start this list with the quintessential soccer-related video game in the world, the EA Sports FIFA video game series. I don’t think a lot of explaining should be done as to how people bet on FIFA, given that it’s just the same as betting on a real soccer game, the difference being that instead of having two professional soccer teams duking it out for the field, two professional gamers are doing all the work. Soccer fans are welcomed to bet on matches, title-winning odds, competitions, goals scored, basically all results and events that could happen during a game and a tournament.

While we speak of tournaments FIFA, the world’s leading institution when it comes to professional soccer has seen the vast effect and popularity that the Esports industry has amassed and has moved forward in working with them by creating their own FIFA eWorld Cup tournament, that brings the best FIFA gamers from around the world to compete for not only the title of world champion but also a prize pool of around $500,000 in winnings. This has made all FIFA-related tournaments leading up to the eWorld Cup become very attractive options for soccer fans wanting to bet on Esports action.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counterstrike has been a gaming and Esports favorite ever since debuting in 2012. This first-person shooter game is considered by fans and experts as the most important, popular, and played PC-driven game in the world, beating out the likes of Esports giants like League of Legends. The ways of the game are straightforward to follow where two teams of five players, one a terrorist themed squad, that’s tasked with planting bombs at any of the two given bombsites, and of course, a counter-terrorist group, that’s logically tasked with stopping the enemies from planting the bombs, battle it out on the field to gain supremacy of the missions in hand as well as wiping out all competition in their way.

The level of popularity that CS: GO tournaments hold has made them some of the most important Esports events in the world with prize polls reaching the million-dollar marks. Pro gamers and teams that devote themselves to CS have become celebrities in the Esports world, making vast amounts of money off tournament wins as well as sponsorship deals and other CS-related endeavors. This of course has led gaming fans to take Counter Strike as a must-bet option when it comes to Esports wagering.


While games like FIFA, Madden, CS: GO, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and COD have all been around for longer in both the gaming scene and the Esports world, I think everyone can remember the moment that Fortnite hit the scene back in 2017. The battle royale style game, where players have to look for different materials to build structures on land and in the air all while surviving different battles against other players from all parts of the world became an immediate gaming darling for fans all around and it wasn’t long before it was taken to the realms of competitive video gaming.

Starting low and slow in 2018 with the game’s developers Epic Games starting to come up with tournaments to get the ball rolling, it was in 2019 when they went all out. By announcing a Fortnite World Cup, with qualifiers being held all over the world, this tournament had around 40 million gamers participating for a spot in the finals and a chance at the title. Of course, this had Esports betting pundits going nuts, given how much money was being grossed by the tournament. This automatically launched Fortnite and its official tournaments as some of the most sought-after Esports-related wagering options in the market, something that is still very true to this day.

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