Tour de France 2015 gets new trailer for today’s release

Posted on June 18, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Tour de France 2015 has received a new launch trailer celebrating today’s release. The full, twenty one official stage of the Tour are represented as the ever changing terrain dictates the  necessary strategy needed to overtake your opponent. This year’s game puts you right in the heart of the race as you will also be able to manage your team as well. It is available starting today either via online purchase or in stores.

Choosing from over 200 races with 550 individual stages, as manager you are in control of your team’s sponsors, finances, races entered as well as recruting new riders for your team in order to ensure ongoing mastery of the race. Races can be held in solo or multiplayer mode with a racer of your very own creation. Start your career off as race your way to international superstardom as one of the Tour’s best cyclists. The career mode has been improved, with revised rider progress system, specific training programs, a more extensive scout management system and the opportunity to manage a reserve team!

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