Tower Of Guns Xbox One Release Date

Posted on March 16, 2015 by Mike R

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Tower Of Guns is coming to Xbox One on early spring 2015- available 10th april (digital version).



Tower Of Guns is an old-school roguelite first person fast paced shooter with randomized levels and enemies to make sure that every single playthrough is fresh and new. It is a pure FPS experience for the players who just want to sit down and shoot stuff, battle gigantic bosses, upgrade their abilities and modify their weapons.


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The brutal difficulty and randomized levels make sure that you will need to earn your right to see the top of the Tower of Guns. Each death sends you back to the first floor, but stronger and better equipped. In time, nothing will be able to stand in your way.


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Game Features:

  • Random levels and enemies – every run is unique.
  • Countless weapons, mods, abilities and items to use.
  • Insane bosses.
  • Many secrets to find.
  • Old-school FPS experience for everyone who just wants to shoot stuff.



Grip Games

Grip Games

Terrible Posture Games



Stay tuned for more info on Tower Of Guns.


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