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Toy Soldiers Celebrates 10 Years With New Upcoming, Titled Finest Hour

Reverting back to the days of Xbox Live Arcade for the same-named 360 console of last generation, players who owned Microsoft’s latest hardware of the time were opened up to a slew of unique title and experiences only unique to the indie game program. Of course, plenty remember projects like Staking, Doritos Crash Course, and Battleblock Theater.

Another diverse property that took storm on the platform was Signal Studios’ Toy Soldiers. Reenacting battles of the Second World War and proceeding Cold War in the confinement of a child’s bedroom offered a different take on warfare with a light-hearted approach to what is fairly gruesome as other titles would portray. The first titular entry arrived on March 2010, marking a decade since the commencement of the series.

Now in the year 2020, Signal Studios announced a new game on the team’s website in celebration of the achievement, Toy Soldiers 2: Finest Hour. What looks to be a direct sequel to the near ten year-old title, the concept of the entry illustrates to be returning to the ranks of World War II once again.

In conjunction with the Soviet Union, Nazi Party of Germany, Imperial Japan, British Forces, and United States Military, the newest installment reiterates the traditional formula of Toy Soldiers as you take on your quest to conquer the opposing Toybox. Alike preceding titles, the real-time strategic DNA of the series is back with more to expect for newer systems.

“Direct the chaos of battle. Deploy, command or take direct control of any unit on the battlefield. Physics based obstacles, deformable terrain, fluid placement, dynamic pathing and responsive AI,” Signal Studios’ synapse for the new projects reads.

New to this upcoming entry is the ability to conjure your own battles with the Creature Mode. Disclosing that players will have the ability to properly design their own turn-based campaigns, Signal Studios however, left out the finer details of how this new function will operate. The developer does tell that features like online co-op and minigames will be making a return in this new installment.

Did you play the previous Toy Soldier titles?

Toy Soldiers 2: Final Hour is listed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Signal Studios

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