Trials Fusion: After The Incident DLC now available

Posted on March 31, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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The Trials Fusion: After The Incident DLC is now out on Xbox One for $4.99! This pack includes:

10 New Tracks

8 Classic Tracks

One new Skill Game Track

FMX Track

24 Original Track Challenges

‘Frontier’ helmet

Dozens of new editor objects including destroyed buildings, wooden ramp sets and extreme weather effects.

5 New Achievements


Rhetoric & Romance 100 G

Go on all 5 dates with SynDI on After the Incident


The End? 50 G

Pass all tracks on After the Incident

Level Up 50 G

Reach floor 10 on ‘The Tower’

Underdog 25 G

Beat a score of 40,000 on ‘Final Frontier’ whilst riding the Roach with the Frontier BodyKit


Dumbstruck 25 G

Complete the ‘Lightning Rod’ challenge on ‘Static Discharge’

Investigate the causes of the disaster that devastated Earth and ride through the post-apocalyptic universe of Trials Fusion in the sixth DLC pack « After The Incident ». Following tragic events, the flourishing world we knew brutally passed away, leading to a vast field of ruins and the broken dreams of a whole civilisation. How could things end up this way? SynDI the squirrel probably knows the answer… This content pack adds a whole new career event which will have you navigating through ruined cities and devastated ecosystems

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