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Twisted Metal Game Rumored To Be In Sony’s Pipeline, To Coincide With Upcoming TV Series

From what you can grasp on the internet this Thursday, Sony Interactive Entertainment held its third PlayStation 5 Showcase featuring some of the newest releases that will illustrate enough reason to buy the new machine; that is if you can get one. Regardless of hardware scarcity, fans show excitement for the future of PlayStation as more releases are on the way. Just prior to the show going live, a new report went out in regards to more possible PlayStation games for the platform.

From Video Game Chronicles, it reports another statement from GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb who comments on the possibility of a new Twisted Metal title. While the series has been dormant for more than a decade, PlayStation Pictures is currently working on a television series for the IP instead.

In a transcription from Grubb’s Grubbsnax Giant Bomb Show, he explains that the game is in the early stages of development. Grubb continues by sharing that it is said to be linked to the upcoming live-action show underway currently.

I think Twisted Metal is in the works but it may still be a ways off, so I think we’re early. That speaks to a larger strategy shift from Sony – well, it’s not even a shift, it’s a ‘broadening’ of their strategy. If they have Twisted Metal ready to show [at Thursday’s Showcase], they might. But either way, it does seem like it’s in the works, it does seem that it’s coming, and it does seem like it does not involve David Jaffe.

It seems that they are going to try to line these things up with games at the same time, and the thinking there is one, they looked at [the Marvel Cinematic Universe] and they want to have MCU-like success, and I think there’s a thought inside of Sony that, “hey, we make movies, why aren’t we capitalising on that?”

Grubb continues, “There is a prestige attached to Hollywood and prestige television that I think Sony is craving a bit, but also it’s good business. If you look at what happened with The Witcher and Netflix, The Witcher 3 had its second-best year since its last year when the show debuted.” By extension, CD Projekt Red leads by example what might happen at PlayStation Studios with DLC from the TV series is set to hit The Witcher 3 later on already.

Previously, Variety reported that the coming Twisted Metal production is to feature the creative minds behind Zombieland & Deadpool, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you interested to see this claim pan out to be accurate or no?

Source: Video Game Chronicles

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