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Twitch Adds Esports Directory To The Platform’s Search Categories

Posted on April 30, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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The intensive growth of electronic sports, dubbed esports, has continued to grasp a larger stance on entertainment platforms in the last couple of years. Last year in 2019 marked to be yet another monumental feat for the growing industry as League of Legends established an impressive milestone in the form of concurrent viewers. During the annual World Championship Quarterfinals, the livestreamed match accumulated 2.5 million viewers.

The report at the time disclosed that this new achievement toppled the July-held Fortnite World Cup which obtained 2.3 million viewers at one point. However, Riot Games’ MOBA again broke the recently made turning point as the later finals hosted concluding the event exceeded well over the 2.5 million previously achieved.

With chatter continue to growing for esports, Twitch finally decided to incorporate a category for the respected genre on its streaming platform. This week, the Amazon-owned subsidiary revealed the new directory to better broadcast all featured events for the most prevalent games that has a competitive background.

This new directory, which is rolling out over the coming days, puts all of the esports content on Twitch in one central place. Tune in to watch live events, catch up on past matches, discover new esports channels, and learn from the best pro players. The experience is tailored to make it easier for you to find the games and events you’re most interested in and help discover content you might like, but didn’t even know about.

Twitch in the recent blog post shares that the new section of the platform will emphasize on popular games like NBA 2K, Farming Simulator, and of course League of Legends. The search category is promised to add more games, events, and featured professional players later on. You can visit the newly added directory by heading here.

This news comes as a very convenient time especially for the new addition of Riot Games’ Valorant. Although the game will not be shipping until later this summer. During the debut of the game’s closed beta, the first-person shooter generated 1.7 million viewers on the streaming platform within the first 24 hours of being live. It is expected a similar result of higher caliber viewership is entailed now with the new directory.

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Source: Twitch

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