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Twitch Loses Another Streamer As CouRage Announces His Departure To YouTube

It looks that the tactic carried through by Microsoft in acquiring online personalities to support their streaming platform has been picked up by YouTube now as the video-sharing platform has announced that 100Thieve’s streamer Jack “CouRage” Dunlop will be moving to YouTube to stream exclusively on the Google-owned domain.

The announcement roared internet reactions, but looking at the trailer a day after the initial reveal, the video shows to have been received overly well considered that previous announcements similar to CouRage’s were met with claims of being a sellout to Microsoft.

This now marks the third popular streamer to be jumping ship from Amazon’s Twitch following last month’s reveal with Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek joining Mixer and even earlier with Tyler Blevin’s departure to move to the same platform back in August. With three streamers assumably under contract with the respected company, it only leaves the indication of which one left will be on their way to streaming uniquely on a specific platform.

At the same time, it is interesting to see that Amazon has still yet to act on the situation seeing that two have been taken for Microsoft’s Mixer and now this week with YouTube. Users on all platforms do appreciate that this will bring more competition to the table for twitch, but will this ultimately leave an impact seeing nearly a handful of personas are off the platform.

Alike with Ninja’s and Shorud’s official departure from Twitch, CouRage’s verification check on the platform has been revoked following his announcement to YouTube. Jokingly, the skit Dunlop posted for his announcement clarifies that he will still be part of 100Thieves despite no longer streaming on Twitch.

Who do you think is next to leave Twitch and what platform?


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