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Twitch Revises Sexual Content Policy Following Backlash Triggered by Morgpie Incident

Posted on December 14, 2023 by fncwill

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In the wake of a recent controversy spurred by the suspension of popular Twitch streamer Morgpie, the streaming giant has undertaken a substantial overhaul of its sexual content policies. Responding to feedback from streamers who found the guidelines perplexing and inconsistently enforced, Twitch rolled out significant updates on December 13, aiming to bring greater clarity to the platform’s stance on sexual content.

Twitch’s comprehensive post outlined key alterations, notably permitting streamers to showcase content intentionally highlighting specific body parts, including breasts, buttocks, or the pelvic region, even when fully clothed. The critical caveat is that such content must be properly labeled for compliance with the revamped policy.

Acknowledging previous missteps, Twitch conceded that its earlier guidelines had been out of sync with industry standards and disproportionately penalized female-presenting streamers. The platform aims to rectify this by providing clearer rules to ensure equitable enforcement and understanding among both streamers and viewers.

The updated policy extends permissions to content that was once prohibited, such as fictionalized depictions of fully exposed female-presenting body parts, body writing on breasts and buttocks, and erotic dances involving disrobing or disrobing gestures, provided the appropriate labels are applied.

Twitch has also eased restrictions on specific dances, including twerking, grinding, and pole dancing, allowing them without the need for additional labels. This shift takes into account the context in which these dances occur, preventing unnecessary restrictions on content that may not be explicit or adult-oriented.

A significant shift involves changes to the criteria for homepage recommendations. Streams labeled with content involving drugs, intoxication, excessive tobacco use, violent and graphic depictions, gambling, or sexual themes will no longer be featured on the homepage. This strategic adjustment aims to align the platform more closely with viewer expectations, ensuring sensitive content isn’t displayed without explicit consent.

Recognizing the need for user-friendly policies, Twitch has consolidated its Sexually Suggestive Content and Sexually Explicit Content policies into a single Sexual Content Policy within the Community Guidelines. This consolidation aims to provide clarity, reduce inconsistent enforcement, and bring Twitch’s policies more in line with other social media services.

The updated guidelines clarify that artistic depictions of nudity and body painting on breasts and buttocks are allowed on Twitch, provided attire requirements are met, and proper labels are applied.

Insights into how Twitch handles nudity in gaming distinguish between games where nudity is the core focus and those where it is incidental. The policy also addresses simulated sexual activity or erotic roleplay in online games.

Twitch actively seeks user feedback on these changes, underscoring the importance of creating a platform where both streamers and viewers feel confident in understanding and adhering to the rules. The FAQ section provides additional clarification on the updates and how streamers can comply with the new policies.

Twitch’s recent update to its sexual content policy represents a significant response to ongoing challenges and controversies, particularly in light of the Morgpie incident. The platform strives to find a delicate balance between allowing creative expression and ensuring a comfortable viewing experience for all users. As the community navigates these changes, continuous feedback will be crucial in shaping the evolving landscape of Twitch’s content policies.

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