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Twitch Viewers can control part of Lara Croft’s Adventure

Posted on November 11, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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You don’t need to have the game take part in Rise of The Tomb Raider, you just need to tune into some livestreams on Twitch.  Developer Crystal Dynamics revealed details of how it has incorporated Twitch functionality into its latest game, which debuted November 10th, 2015. Anyone playing Rise of the Tomb Raider in Expedition Mode can connect it to Twitch chat to enable viewers to vote on certain actions in the game. This primarily takes the form of viewers voting on which cards players will get to activate in the challenge modes. These cards can often help or hurt but are basically silly.

With built-in Twitch interaction and incentives, Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix are attempting to court the video site’s mammoth audience along. Popularity with those viewers often translates into higher sales. Also, Twitch members who use the Xbox One Twitch app to watch Rise of the Tomb Raider live streams will get bonuses for their own adventures with Lara Croft

Check out Chad Armstrong explaining the Twitch interacting:

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