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Two disliked features will be coming to Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1’s official trailer has been one of the more popular trailers this year and it crushed Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare views and like wise. Let’s not forget this game is being publish by EA and we know their mistakes in the past. They have quietly confirmed that both micro-transactions and map packs would be part of Battlefield 1.
EA plans to make big bucks by cleverly utilizing ‘extra monetization opportunities’ without making the game feel like a ‘pay-to-win’ model. This was all from an investor call:

CEO Andrew Wilson says, “taking a step back, any time we think about extra monetization inside an experience, we really think about it on two vectors: One, are we able to provide value to the gamer, in terms of extending and enhancing their experience? And two, are we able to do that in a world where we give them choice? We never want to be in a place where there’s a belief that we are providing a pay to win mechanic inside of one of our games.

Ea is looking to utilize both macro transactions and micro transactions in Battlefield 1 to offer a more ‘enhanced’ experience to players. Which is Map packs and Micro-transactions for in game items. You’d think that EA would eliminate paying for map packs and just use micro-transactions for their income like Halo 5.

“Given that in Battlefield 1, you will see both macro monetization opportunities from us like maps and large scale content, as well as micro monetization opportunities, smaller increments of gameplay, and then over time, what you will see from us is elements of gameplay that allow gamers to engage and drive, and extend and enhance their experience, much the way people do with FIFA Ultimate Team or Madden Ultimate Team today. We feel very confident in our ability to deliver that in a way that is deemed valuable by our player, and drives increased engagement over time with them.”

There is big money when it comes to microtransactions even if a good percentage hate them EA will do it for the green paper.
What are your thoughts?

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