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Two New Games Teased By THQ Nordic For E3 Announcement

As the weeks draw closer to this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo hosted in Los Angeles just next month, more information on what publishers and more importantly titles that will be present at the June event. Atop of the dozen of developers that Nordic has acquired within the past two years, the two unlabeled titles are said to be from “beloved franchises” which is sure to get fans antsy for the announcement in less than a month.

This information was revealed through floor plans for the publisher which detail two unannounced titles which are expected to be announced later at E3.

The first plan reading “the long-awaited return of a galactically beloved game/franchise.” Looking at THQ Nordic’s previous releases, it is known that the publisher released Red Faction Re-Mars-tered just last year, giving the implication for a new title in the series. Seeing that the franchise’ last installment dates back to 2011 with Red Faction: Armageddon, it looks that a new title is long overdue.

Following with the second plan stating that the second unnamed title is a “new vision for a beloved franchise.” The second statement being vaguer compared to the more apparent plan leaves the question of what franchise exactly is THQ Nordic referencing?

Reflecting to last year, it was announced that the publisher acquired the publishing rights to over a handful of Nickelodeon games that the previous THQ originally held before closing in 2012. The chances of seeing one of the listed series from the television network is on the table as the publisher planned to bring the nostalgic titles to modern hardware.

What are your thoughts on the two undetailed titles?

Source: Gamingbolt

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