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Two Sea Of Thieves DLCs Announced For This Summer

One of the first announcements at the Xbox E3 Conference this week was that more content will be coming to Rare’s Sea of Thieves. Not just one update, but two for coming this Summer.
Following up on the Inside Xbox at this year’s E3, Sea of Thieves Design Director Mike Chapman gives some detail on what’s coming to the game’s world. As part of the first update titled ‘Cursed Sails’, will be focused on the more menacing Order of Souls and will be bringing skeleton crews to the rough waters. As they sail their Galleons across the sea, these beware of the new threat as this will be the first AI controlled vessel. Along with the undead parties, enchanted cannonballs will be introduced for players to find and use against their foes.
Along with ‘Cursed Sails’ will bring a new ship to the roster. The Brigantine is a three player ship that gives players a greater option than before. This two sail ship will split between the Sloop and the Galleon.
For the next update ‘Forsaken Shores’ will introduce a new area to the game’s map. Inhabiting a more spontaneous ecosystem as fire and ash flies out of the peaking volcano. And just like the Brigantine for Cursed Sail, Forsaken Shores will bring rowboats which will please many fans of the game. Instead of winging it to dock your ship at an island, players can use the rowboat to reach the neighboring island. And will be able t transport loot and other finds to and from the boat also.
Cursed Sails will be coming our way this July and Forsaken Sails following with an August release.
Source: Sea of Thieves

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