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Ubisoft canceled their PvP game ‘Project Q’

Posted on January 20, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Ubisoft has canceled yet another project and this time it was their Battle Arena title. codenamed Project Q. This game was initially announced in April 2022 and Ubisoft had playtesting signups for the game that same day. Ever since, we haven’t really heard about it.

This canceled report comes from Insider Gaming and there isn’t confirmation yet if this was one of the 3 scratched projects Ubisoft talked about in their financial call last week which saw Skulls & Bones delayed a sixth time.

The cancelation looks to be from a Ubisoft playtester #announcement channel where it was made official.

“All these warm moments make this announcement harder to make: sadly we have to cancel our upcoming closed tests as Project Q will no longer continue development. This also means that we will need to shut down this Discord server.”

Project Q looked to have one goal in mind and that was to be fun. It wasn’t supposed to be another new Battle Royale game, but according to Insider Gaming it showed some Battle Royale-like mechanics.

Source: Insider Gaming

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