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Ubisoft Confirms 5 Triple-A Releases for 2015:

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Envi

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Recently in a conference call with investors, Ubisoft representatives have confirmed they aim to release 5 major “Triple-A” Titles in 2015. The games confirmed include the much awaited “The Division” as well as “Rainbow Six Siege” and Assassins Creed (Victory?) CEO Yves Guillemot explained how “The strong install base” for next generation consoles “should offer a nice tail-wind, and we expect software growth to come back”.

Also within the call, they announced that more will be shared about Assassin Creed, at the end of May.

Those announcements however leave us wondering what the other two titles could be? There are currently no other major releases planned, and with many franchises owned by Ubisoft, a new entry to a series could be announced?

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