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Ubisoft has said that For Honor could be ported to the Nintendo Switch depending on how well the game does

There is no question Ubisoft is a big supporter of the Nintendo Switch with Just Dance 2017, Rayman Legends, and Steep coming to the console. There will most likely be some more titles that are out already or titles that are coming out in the future. For Honor is right around the corner and it is possible for the game to come onto the Switch. The reason why For Honor would come to the Nintendo Switch would be for the game to have good sales.
Jason VandenBerghe at Ubisoft made it clear that For Honor becoming a Nintendo Switch game was not out of the question and pointed towards the potential success of the title to make their decision for them.

“It’s not something that we’re focused on. We’ve been in development on For Honor for a long time and the question of ‘Will this game work?’ is the big thing,” he told Trusted Reviews.
“I just want to get the game out on the core platform and see who plays it. Once we’re there and we’ve established if we’re successful, then I think we can look at where we’re gonna go from here.
“It’s weird, but it’s not even a question we’re addressing right now.”

For Honor launches February 14th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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