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Ubisoft Looks Towards Next Generations Hardware as a “Major Leap”

Posted on June 27, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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As we already are aware that the next generation of hardware is in the coming future, relatively around late-2020 to be expected, fans for both Xbox and PlayStation are already speculating what console will out do the other in means of power and performance. Whilst those compare, some developers have already gave their input on the new line of consoles and how this will set the limit for the coming generation.

Recently PlatinumGames studio Head shared his view on the coming Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5 as he framed the two as nothing but ordinary and “more of the same.” But according to Ubisoft’s Executive Director Alain Corre, he would think otherwise on the topic.

In an interview with The Telegram, reveals his anticipation for the new hardware, referring to the two as a “major leap” for transitioning to the upcoming generation. Unsure of how the consumers will respond to the new consoles, however, Corre explains that it is exciting for developers as it will open more possibilities with this being an upgrade compared to the current hardware that’s out now.

“The next generation of consoles which have been announced are a really major leap from the current generation, and for us creators it is fantastic because we have always been very excited in trying to capture the cutting edge of what technology can offer,” Corre tells in the interview. “Developers want to surprise all the time, to innovate – and technology allows us to go into unknown territories and to bring something fresh.”

Corre then explains that developers continue to find ways to wow the consumers and always out do their previous work; and with the new line of hardware, that can be done as teams delve into more “unknown territories.” Corre uses Watch Dogs Legion as an example as the advanced AI technology implemented into the title proves to be a way to think outside of the box.

All in all, Corre shows to be more exhilarated compared to PlatinumGames’ Atsushi Inaba. Though the two have different views on what the next generation brings to the industry, neither have wrong perspective on what these coming consoles will offer when fully in the hands of developers.

What do you think about Corre’s idea towards Project Scarlet and the PlayStation 5?

Source: Telegram

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