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Ubisoft Maps Out First Year Of Content For The Division 2

Mid-February brought a handful of anticipated titles like Crackdown 3, Metro Exodus, and Anthem, but as we now enter March there are still some titles we have yet to see on shelves. The Division 2 is set to release March 15th and the game’s launch is only the beginning of what Ubisoft has planned for the follow-up title to their 2015 action role-playing game.

Kicking off after the game officially releases, players will receive the first piece of content that will be available for the title. Labeled ‘Tidal Basin’, a new stronghold to take on with the Black Tusk at control of the enemy base. Following shortly after with ‘Operation Dark Hours’ which is said to be “the first 8-person raid in the history of The Division.” Looking from the sample in the video it seems players will be holding up at one of the airports living near District Columbia.

Another reveal for more free content that will be inbound for the Tom Clancy-based sequel is three content-filled episodes that will offer new missions, narrative option, PvP/PvE modes, and specialists for each respected episode. The first episode ‘DC Outskirts: Expeditions’ takes agents outside the barriers of DC with two new main missions to play. Along with a new game mode which follows the episodes titular name to retrieve what’s left from a lost convoy.

Then with episode two ‘Pentagon: The Lost Castle’, players will make their way to the nation’s Pentagon to discover what’s hiding under the government facility. Then with the unnamed third episode, it is detailed that the final episodic content drop will segue the game’s story into the next chapter. From the slight tease in the video, it’s implied players might exceed past the outskirts of the country’s capital for something more close to home.

Here is the list of benefits for those interested in purchasing the Year One Pass:

  • One week early access to each episode.
  • Instant access to each specialist when officially drops.
  • Eight Classified Assignments.
  • More Base of Operations Projects.
  • Additional Bounty targets.
  • Cosmetics for weapons and your agent.

The Division 2 will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Ubisoft

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