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Ubisoft Maps Out January For Assassin's Creed Origins

With recently adding the last Trial of Gods to end off 2017 along with a Horde Mode and a crossover mission with Final Fantasy XV in a free update, Ubisoft just released more on what to expect for the start of the new year.
Starting off 2018 Ubisoft will be bringing back the first 2 gods for the Trial of Gods for those who missed it the first time around. Both Anubis (January 9-16) and Sobek (January 23-30) will be returning to Egypt to fight who ever walks their way. Along with new cosmetic packs and costumes to purchase through the game or Ubisoft Club:

  • Almighty Pack – January 16
  • For Honor Pack – January 30
  • Warden’s Oath Outfit – January 30
  • Harlequin & Chop Chop exclusive weapons – January 2018

And some news on the first expansion The Hidden Ones is expected to come out sometime this month along with this title update. And will feature a new region in the game as Bayek and his followers meet conflict with the notorious Roman Army. This expansion will also increase the level cap from 40 to 45. Those with the Season Pass will be able to download The Hidden Ones Expansion as soon as it’s available.
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Source: Ubisoft

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