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Ubisoft Reveals For Honor’s Newest Addition, Sakura

Ubisoft Montreal continues to push content to the studio’s 2017 action fighting game For Honor as the title approaches Season Two of Year three for upcoming content that is set to be inbound for the game. Recently, the developer released a reveal trailer giving the first glimpse of the new fighter that will be joining the growing roster of warriors.

Going by the alias Sakura, she wields a bloodied, two-sided axe ready to exterminate her foes ahead. In the trailer you can hear a short excerpt from the new warrior with her intimidating voice and even more frightening outfit & mask she is equipped with.

For how the forthcoming character will perform in the game has yet to be shared along with any detail suggesting when Sakura will be officially coming to the game. It is revealed though that those who own the Year 3 Pass for the game will receive “early access” to the new warrior.

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For Honor is available for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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