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Ubisoft’s E3 Conference Announced For June 10th

Posted on March 28, 2019 by Tyler Nienburg

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Ubisoft have officially revealed their plans for E3 2019 via Twitter and it’ll be taking place on Monday, June 10. It’s no surprise the press briefing will take place at 1 PM PT as that’s the usual time they do. There wasn’t much shown or talked about with the announcement of the publisher going to E3, but we can assume what games we’ll see this year.

Let’s start off with the games we’ve seen in the past Ubisoft E3 conferences which are Skulls & Bones, Beyond Good and Evil 2. Skulls & Bones is due out this year so we’ll for sure see a release date announced along with more gameplay. We’ll probably see more of what Beyond Good and Evil 2 has to offer, but it’s doubtful they’ll reveal a release year as it might be for next generation consoles.

The past two conferences with the third party publisher, Nintendo has been on their stage with Mario Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and with showing off Starfox going into Starlink. It’s also possible we see something about the Elijah Wood Virtual Reality title that was shown at E3 2017.

Another big possibility this year could be heavily rumored, Watch Dogs 3 that is set to take place in the United Kingdom. The other game shown could be the next Assassin’s creed that was also rumored for a 2020 release.

What do you think we’ll see from Ubisoft at E3?

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